Join us at AWM Online on Monday 11th December for our regular live forum with special guest, acclaimed author Linda Jaivin (Eat Me, The Infernal Optimist, The Monkey and The Dragon). One of our most popular tutors and writer’s festival favourite, Linda will be joined by freelance writer and all round comic genius David Smiedt (Delivering the Male, 100 Years of Australian Comedy) in what promises to be a most amusing and enjoyable discussion. Both of these writers have a serious side too, and are passionate about their respective areas of activism and interest.

Log in at 12 noon (Eastern Daylight Time) for an up close and personal conversation with our guests, and contribute to the discussion.

Don’t forget you will find our past forums archived on the site containing gems from the wonderful and talented guests who have graced our virtual stage thus far. 

David Smiedt was born in South Africa, but moved to Australia with his family when he was 19. He is the author of Boom Boom: 100 Years of Australian Comedy, Delivering the Male and Prince Charming – How to Pick the Stayers from the Players. He has contributed to anthologies such as Girls’ Night In 2: Gentlemen By Invitation, Girls’ Night In 3: Big Night Out and he writes for several publications including Cleo, New Idea and Sunday Life.

In 2004 he released his autobiography, described as a love song to the country of his birth, Are We There Yet? Chasing a Childhood through South Africa. He chafes in humid climates, spends far too much time on the Playstation for a grown man and holds the dubious honour of being the only journalist in Australian publishing history to contribute to Ralph and Your Garden in the same month.

Linda Jaivin’s books have constantly been on the international bestseller list, translated into nine languages, her first novel Eat Me made into a film. Linda is also a specialist on Chinese contemporary culture – receiving a degree in Asian Studies and Political Science from Brown University. She is a contributor to magazines and newspapers in Australia and overseas; and generally studies sexual attitudes and practices. She is co-editor, with Geremie Barmé, of New Ghosts, Old Dreams: Chinese Rebel Voices, and has written numerous works of short fiction, essays and journalism.
Linda lived in Taiwan from 1977-79, in Hong Kong from 1979-85, and in Beijing from 1985-86 working as a freelance journalist specializing in Chinese culture and current affairs. She speaks and reads fluent Mandarin. In 1996, she immigrated to Australia where she continued her career as a freelance writer. With the encouragement of friends, Linda began to pen upbeat erotic stories for magazines, offering an alternative to the darker, more violent fantasies that have dominated the Australian market for erotica in recent years. Her latest book, The Monkey and the Dragon: A True Story about Friendship, Music, Politics and Life on the Edge, is a biography of Chinese songwriter / dissident / feng shui master Hou Dejian.

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