There’s something in the air, can you feel it? Writers everywhere are planning, focussed, determined, motivated…

I call it the NaNo Effect. Even if you’re not signed up to write a novel this November, the impetus to write is everywhere around you. It’s a vortex, sucking you in to a wonderful world of words on the page and social writing fun.

AWMonline is running extra Writing Races with loads of special guests. Subscribers, log in this Sunday 3-4pm to write alongside the science fiction short story writer, Peter M. Ball, whose novella Horn was published with Twelfth Planet Press this year. He’s kooky and charming and full of good ideas about how to get those words on the page – and he’s madly finishing off a novella in time to start a NaNo project!

picture of author Peter M. Ball

Peter M. Ball with Spokesbear

Then next Tuesday 7-9pm we are getting really adventurous, launching into a cross-platform world of social writing fun at Digital Pizza. If you’re in Brisbane, call QWC 07 3839 1243 to book your seat. If you prefer the online world, join us for this special two-hour Writing Race, with Captains Kim Wilkins and Trent Jamieson, and special guest Racer Kate Morton!

Perhaps, as Liz Sinclair explains to Angela Meyer, you can use this month of frenzied writing to raise funds for your writing project or another good cause. Technology is rendering old business models for content producers obsolete, so maybe writers will need to get used to taking their wares to market themselves; artisans at online markets ftw!

And for insight into how the other half lives, check out this fantastic blog by Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent. Offering straightforward and practical advice on the process of getting an agent, this post demonstrates the quality that is not often attributed to Agents, but which frequently strikes me as being there in abundance: heart.

Have a great writing weekend, folks.



4 Responses to “November Writing Frenzy!”

  1. Nicky,

    Looking forward to joining in the races. I’ve been biting at the bit to start the next m/s – hopefully will help get me through the madness that will be Nano!

    Will have to miss Sunday race due to already booked plans.

  2. Meg,

    That’s fantastic, Nicky – I can’t wait to write alongside you next Tuesday!

    I am busy making scene plans to help me get lots of words down during the Races. I reckon effective planning is a great tool for a really productive writing session.

    So exciting!

  3. Caitlyn Nicholas,

    Being overwhelmed in re-writes at the moment I couldn’t do Nanowrimo this year :(. So instead I’m doing NaBloWriMo – or National Blog Writing month. I think its a great compromise for anyone who wants to be involved and absorb some of the November writing goodness, but can’t have a crack at 50K.

    Cait :)

  4. Meg,

    Great idea, Cait! Many of our Writing Racers are not working on NaNo projects either, but are still surfing the November wave to massive wordage!

    Best of luck – have fun :)

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