The son of Vladimir Nabokov has finally announced his decision not to burn the manuscript of his father’s final, unfinished novel.

You might have heard about the controversy late last year. The dying Nabokov asked his son to burn the manuscript, as he didn’t want to publish a work that was not up to the standard of his earlier novels. The son, Dmitri, agreed, but has held off for the past few years, unable to decide between honouring his father’s wishes and giving the world what he says is "the most concentrated distillation of his father’s creativity". Nabokov fans all over the world have been on tenterhooks ever since, waiting to find out whether or not The Original of Laura, currently existing as 50 index cards in a Swiss bank vault, would meet a fiery end, or whether they’d get to read the final work of one of the 20th century’s greatest novelists.

Turns out they get to read it; according to the Guardian, Dmitri had a dream about his father and has decided the role of ‘literary arsonist’ is not for him.

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