For authors looking to protect or increase their findability (and therefore buyability) online, make sure you freshen the content on your website pages. Google is introducing their new indexing system Caffeine today, and one key difference is the ‘real-time search’ feature. It could change your page ranking, which affects your Google traffic. Here’s a handy picture Google have supplied, for the visual learners:

Is it just me, or does the Caffeine guy totally encapsulate the human brain after an espresso binge?

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  1. Priyadharshini.A,

    Please Update with more information regarding CAFFEINE

    • Meg,

      Well, caffeine forms the basis of a beverage that is crucial in sustaining the writing and publishing industry… Oh, you mean Google Caffeine? :) There’s articles about it being published every day, too many to list here. But the good news is that I haven’t found any reports yet of people’s SEO being negatively impacted.

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