Craft Module: characters and characterisation

This week we want you to go back over the character exercises that you did during your QWC workshop and in the last online session. Over the next two weeks you can revisit the character that you created during those exercises and create an encounter between your character, and a new character – the ARCH NEMESIS.

The arch nemesis is the main enemy for your character – the one person who tries to stop your character from achieving their goals, or is the exact opposite of your character and wants the opposite things to your character.
You can use one of the scenarios below to get started, or invent one of your own:

  • Your character and arch nemesis are trapped inside an elevator and need to work together to get themselves out
  • Your character and arch nemesis turn up to the same birthday party of a mutual friend
  • Your character and arch nemesis are both on holiday and find themselves staying right next door to each other

Post your story here: