Skill Module: the fine art of critique

A great way to develop and strengthen your work is through the fine art of critique.

What is a critique?

Critiquing is providing objective feedback on what works in a story and what doesn’t. It sounds like critic, doesn’t it? And it’s a similar idea. Critiquing is about sharing your work with others, and receiving feedback – good or bad.

By receiving feedback on what works, you can fine tune your story to make it stronger and more appealing to your readers!

Sometimes receiving critique, or criticism, can be a daunting prospect. But by creating a safe and respectful creative space, critique can be an excellent tool for writers!

How do we create a respectful creative space?

Respect others by:

  • Giving people space to share their ideas and opinion
  • Treating opinions and ideas with respect
  • Giving 100%
  • Trust others and you receive trust

Respect ideas and opinions by:

  • Taking it seriously
  • Giving it good consideration by thinking about it
  • Being honest and open in your feedback
  • Always aim to do better

How do we provide constructive critique?

What are some ways we can demonstrate respect when both giving and receiving critiques? Think back to the workshop day, and post your responses in the forum below:


This week provide a short critique (no more than 200 words) on at least one story submitted from week one or two. Post your critique as a reply to the story in the forums.

Remember our rules of respect.