First, let me start by saying how impressed Christina, Meg, Edwina and I have been with your commitment to this program over the last few months.The quality of work and critique being posted on this site is commendably high and you should all be proud of the writing you have produced!This is our last week here on the online platform together so I wanted to make sure that you had one last chance to engage with each other as well as have access to some information about what you can do from here to continue to develop your writing craft.

Below you will find links to some resource sheets that should help you and your teachers on your way. We encourage you to continue to write and critique yours and others work as well. Perhaps your teacher or librarian at school can help you start a writers group, or you could even contact a few people from this course and continue the conversations you have started here in your own time.

There are also a couple of links to organisations and opportunities for young writers – we encourage you to get connected with these!


One Last Writing Challenge

To finish off your time in the OLC, let’s have a crack at some micro-fiction just for fun!

Below are 10 words, you are each tasked with writing a 10 sentence story using one of these words in each sentence. You must use all 10 words and can only use one word in each sentence.

Have some fun with this one!

  1. Swarm
  2. Blue
  3. Left
  4. Box
  5. Hat
  6. Water
  7. Rocket
  8. Candle
  9. Elephant
  10. Tunnel

Upload your stories on the forum below!

Ms Curran and I are meeting soon to finalise details for your literary event. Keep your eye on your post box – there will be a letter with all the details coming your way soon!