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Tor editor Theresa Neilsen Hayden has blogged a response to a story in the Wall Street Journal about the ‘winner-takes-all’ theory of publishing. The original story, about the expensive acquisition, publication and marketing of a novel that subsequently failed to live up to expectations, compares the current state of publishing to the Hollywood box office, where the blockbusters are the only thing that anyone cares about.

Neilsen Hayden, an expert on fiction publishing, points out that while bestsellers are great for their money-making ability, bookstores are also filled with what she calls ‘okaysellers’. These are the books that don’t have the massive marketing campaigns and pyramids in the front of the store, but people hear about them from friends, or liked the author’s last book. And no-one reads only bestsellers.

Read a follow-up to the original post here.

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  1. Kate Eltham,

    This is a great common-sense response from publishing industry insiders. It is easy to get caught up in the “hit-driven” culture of entertainment media – books, films and music – especially in the light of record-breaking successes like Harry Potter and The Davinci Code. In reality, as with films and music, these runaway successes are the exception rather than the rule.

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