A US literary prize, the Langham Charitable Trust, has said it will not consider any submissions for prizes from Random House because of its "cowardly self-censorship" in pulling production on The Jewel of Medina.

The Trust awards two prizes each year of US$1,000 and last year one of the awards was won by a Random title. David Langum, the founder of the Trust said, "No one should expect that publishers print every piece of trash that comes into their offices, and The Jewel of Medina may be neither good literature nor good history. That is beside the point since Random House had already paid a $100,000 advance, arranged for book club publication, and foreign publication. It changed course and self-censored solely on the political grounds of fear of offending Muslims or fomenting violence."

As far as prizes go, the Langham award is relatively small in the scheme of things. However, blacklisting all the writers of a particular publishing house is big news. I’d be interested to see if Random authors start to band together against Random’s decision.

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  1. Pete Jones,

    You’re right on. Couldn’t have said it better myself. -Pete

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