At the end of last week we blogged a great list of advice from US sci-fi author E.E. Knight and we’ve just come across this briliant article written by Cat Sparks (Manager and Editor of Agog! Press and producer of six anthologies of Australian speculative fiction) broadly about Australian SF, but again containing lots of tips for any would-be writer.

In part it’s a self-proclaimed rant about the new era of publishing: It’s so much easier, says Cat, to get ‘published’ today with the plethora of e-zines and internet sites flooding the market – and this has shifted the balance. These days the importance is not that you get published (anyone can do this) – but where.

It’s well-worth a read for truisms such as this and along with rantings and ponderings, you’ll find lots of great advice (even if you don’t want to hear it!), like: 

Be prepared for a very long apprenticeship. Some of those overnight writing success stories you’ve heard about have a good twenty years behind them. The director of a reputable writing centre once told me that in his opinion, twenty years lead-time was the norm. I think I’m up to my sixteenth year batting away at the writing game and I’m only just beginning to crack some of those glamorous foreign markets!

Read the whole article by clicking here

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