Season's Greetings from AWMonline!     Do you lie awake in bed each morning, stressing about whether to ‘start’ or ‘commence’ your new day? Are you a writer, like so many of us, plagued by the obsession with finding just the right word? Do you prefer the delights of le mot juste to le petit four?

Then here’s some little Christmas gifts for you –  handy dandy word tools, or just fun stuff for when you’re procrastinating…

Wordclouds. Use it to make pretty pictures with your prose, or try it for self-editing – the biggest words will be the ones you are using most regularly (it’s like a word diet – you can still have poignant, but only in moderation).

Gunning Fog Index. For example, if you understand this blog, you have a reading level to the equivalent of 12.6 years of education. Try slipping it into everyday conversation – "I’m sorry, you’re speaking at a GFI of 15, but I dropped out in Grade 10 to work in a bookstore…" This online dictionary gives a summary and directory of dictionary definitions for any word you fancy. And some you don’t (see bête noire).

Now it’s your turn to share the joy … Post your fave sites for nerdy word-loving shut-ins like us, and make another writer smile this Christmas!


2 Responses to “Measure Your Words Carefully”

  1. Andy,

    I like the whole concept of providing tools for writers to improve their writing, the GFI is unfortunately a little too uncomplicated being as all the requirements of increasing you score is dropping a few more 3+ syllable words here and there. It was fun none the less.

    In my experience nothing can substitute for a good Thesaurus to increase your vocabulary. I do like your blog though, I can see the tips will improve my writing and phraseology.

  2. admin,

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your feedback. I also find these sorts of word tools/games fun,and even though many of them may not directly improve the quality of one’s writing, they foster a love of words which can only be a good thing, hey.
    Happy writing,

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