In the papers over the weekend comes the news that Matthew Reilly has turned his considerable talents to sitcom script-writing – with the publishing industry itself as his muse. Darren Star, the man who gave us Melrose Place and Beverley Hills 90210, is in the producer’s chair and the pilot is currently being filmed in LA. Jenna Elfman (of Dharma and Greg fame) has the lead role as a book publicist in a series dubbed a ‘Sex and the City view of the literary industry’. If the pilot goes well there could be up to 22 episodes to follow. Read the reports from the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

The other seemingly big news (in case you missed it!) is that JK Rowling has outed master wizard Albus Dumbledore as gay! On a US book tour, Rowling was asked if Dumbledore ever found ‘true love’ – at which point she pushed him firmly out of the closet. The news was, apparently, met with gasps and applause and ends months (if not years) of speculation surrounding the sexuality of Hogwart’s much-loved headmaster!

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