Talk about digital savvy! Check out James Patterson’s current competition where you can win the chance to write a chapter for his "chain thriller":

This is the man who has been known to joke that  "he wrote 10 books while spending a few weeks at home recovering from minor surgery", and who has been described as "like listening to a can of Coca-Cola describe how it would like to be marketed."  He’s also an incredibly successful writer, so I’m making my scene notes to send along as soon as I finish this post…

Other snippets:

Joanne Schoenwald’s "Woodford Virgins" hits the Hot List! 

Stephen King goes for the jugular of vampire YA writer Stephanie Meyers: ouch

The Lifted Brow launching at Avid Reader and the Zoo this week! I had a chance to chat with Ronnie Scott today – he has inspiring ideas on independent publishing, lit/music fusion, promoting Australian writers overseas…




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