They’re not exactly books blogs, but we’ve tracked down a couple of blogs on marketing, economics, and tips to help you out with the publicity side of things. Some of them are also great examples of how to manage a companion blog for your book, and you can see how these authors have used a free blog to increase the exposure of their work, and just add an extra element for their audience.

Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog This one’s on ‘Robin Hood’ marketing – what the writer calls stealing corporate marketing techniques to sell charities, fundraising efforts, moral causes, and a bunch of other worthy stuff. Ideas include Online Fundraising, studies on non-profit organisations, and larger discussions on daily modern life, what connects us, and why we feel disconnected from each other. With a bit of creativity, some of these ideas could be adapted for use in your own marketing endeavors.

The Freakonomics Blog is now hosted by the New York Times, but these guys started out with just another blog. See how they have a big "Buy My Book" section? A good idea if you’re a writer putting a blog together. The frequent updates are a good idea, as well, and who knows – you may end up in the New York Times as well.

And Rule The Web is a great example of how a blog can promote a book very nicely. The picture of the cover is prominent, and Mark actually posts bits of his book onto the blog. And besides that, the book (and blog) is about using the web to search, share and manage information, create and manage your own website, and market your stuff online. This is one quality resource!

Print Is Dead and The Book Is Dead are two separate blogs that talk about publishing in the digital age, with companion books available for purchase. (The Book Is Dead belongs to Sherman Young, a recent guest on our forum).

So, going on the above blogs, you should post bits of your book, talk about relevent issues and link to related articles and websites. Update frequently. Put a picture of your cover in a prominent place, and have a link to your bookseller. Your readers will appreciate the chance to comment, and love it when you respond.

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  1. Catherine,

    Thanks for this post, Jane. Good follow-up to the interesting forum on digital publishing.

  2. Gillian,

    Very interesting and valuable info. and the final para. is excellent advice. I’m putting it into practice as we speak!
    I’m really impressed with this blog as a quick way of keeping up to date with writing and publishing news. I keep it on my home page and just pop in when I see a headline that looks interesting – which lately has been most of them!

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