Every writer has a different idea of fun. Mine is crime fiction, oh yeah! Maybe yours is writing the next great Australian literary novel, designing computer games, or spending night and day crafting the silence around the words haijin style . As writers, it pays to follow our passions: chances are, the level of experience and commitment it takes to achieve publication will be linked to our personal interests.

But what draws us to our chosen fields? I was a rebel born into a family of lawyers, so crime fic is no mystery (geddid?). How did you develop your abiding dedication to manga, life writing, alternative history, etc?

Here’s some niche tidbits for writers:

Aspiring (or closet) fan fic writers take note: no sex, and no killing off Kirk. All this and more on Star Trek Novel submission guidelines.  

Bodice rippers are booming and "although most book sales were flat or down in February 2009 from the year before, a spokesperson for the Borders book chain says that science fiction and fantasy were up—as were humor titles."

Script writers, playwrights and poets take note: applications are now open for the Varuna Longlines Program.

And for those of you who have a brilliant manuscript stashed in your bottom drawer, or who know someone who has, the 2009 Text Publishing YA Prize opens on 4 May – there’s a $10,000 prize!

Now, should I brave the wet roads for the Byron Bay Writers Festival Sponsors Launch this evening? I’m schmoozin’ in the rain, just schmoozin’ in the rain…

3 Responses to “Making money the fun way….”

  1. genevieve,

    Hey, Meg, you be careful out there on those roads. And thanks for the news.

  2. Graham Nunn,

    Crafting the silence haijin style… what could be be better!

  3. Meg,

    Thanks, Genevieve. The rains and time-difference defeated me in the end. But I heard the event was a hit – well done BBWF!!

    Yes, Graham, I wonder what it would be like for a haijin to participate in the Writing Race? Total word count=minus 750: we have a winner!! P.S. Two Bodies is beautiful. I sent it to my love.

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