And (following on from yesterday) if you want further proof of the power of digital technology vs the longevity of the printed word, read both of these excellent blog sites:

US author and marketeer Jeff Gomez champions the ‘Print is Dead’ cause and maintains that ‘digital book creation, standards, storage, and delivery [is] the first truly transformational thing to happen in the world of words since the printing press’.

A bit closer to home and Syndey-based lecturer Sherman Young tells us that ‘The Book is Dead’ and that we need ‘to embrace the new media technologies of ebooks and electronic distribution’.

Both authors’ purpose is to spark debate and drag booklovers everywhere kicking and screaming into the digital age. However, as both authors have also recently published titles of their blog theories in, er, tangible book form those of us who dream of libraries crammed full of row upon row of old and new printed books can keep kicking and screaming a bit longer yet…!

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