I like my advice like I like my alcohol – disguised by sugar, fruit and other, non-alchoholic beverages. But when I need a strong healthy dose of reality, I visit Editorial Anonymous. With gems like this post, or this one on self-publishing, it’s like a loving slap across the face.
If you have a few spare minutes during your lunch break today, you might like to read Gary Lutz’s article on sentences entitled ‘The Sentence is a Lonely Place’ – ‘The sentence, with its narrow typographical confines, is a lonely place, the loneliest place for a writer, and the temptation for the writer to get out of one sentence as soon as possible and get going on the next sentence is entirely understandable.’
And finally, the folks at HarperStudio have posed the question: Should technology change the way we read? I don’t know about you folks but I think, yes it darn well should. Well, maybe not change how I read text, but certainly I think technology should be allowed to interact with books. 
It’s not always possible to do a literature degree everytime we want to completely understand a text that challenges us. Maybe it’s the Gen-Y in me but I want as much knowledge as I can get when I read – whether it be from other people or techonology. If a book has its own website full of interactive learning modules, facts and games, surely it can only help me understand the text more?
For a great example of technology helping the learning process, visit Dante’s Divine Comedy put together by Classics Professor Guy P. Raffa at the University of Texas in Austin. (Kid’s books are a bit ahead of the game when it comes to combining books and techonology; for an example check out Cathy’s Book for a truly interactive experience.)

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