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Speakeasy caught up with Kerrie Harrison, Fiction Co-Editor/Sub-editor/Marketing Manager of Wet Ink magazine, who has given us some info about their terrific opportunities for new and emerging writers:

Sp: How long has Wet Ink magazine been around, and how did it begin? 

WI: The magazine grew out of discussions a group of us were having about the difficulties new writers face getting their work published, and the lack of an attractive, accessible magazine to publish them. We set up Wet Ink as a non-profit organisation, with all team members volunteering their time and, after much hard work, the first issue was published in December 2005. We did this initially with no financial backing, just lots of enthusiasm and passion for producing a magazine that is a great read and attractive to look at. 

Sp: Which genres does Wet Ink publish, and who is your audience?

WI: We publish the best submissions we receive for each issue, regardless of genre. We have published science fiction, speculative fiction, horror, romance, satire, literary fiction, thriller, experimental writing, memoir, a wide range of poetry including prose poetry, excerpts from novels…

Our audience is a very broad as we aim for a general readership – anyone who loves a good read – ranging from high school students to retirees, from a wide range of backgrounds. As Wet Ink is sold online and through newsagents and bookstores Australia-wide and in more than 40 other countries, including the US and those in Europe and Asia, our audience is international.

Sp: What are you looking for in submissions?

WI: We are looking for high quality writing that is a great read. We choose the best pieces out of the submissions we receive, regardless of genre, theme or length. This means that the writing has to be to a high standard and the story has to be captivating – we are always looking for something original, thought-provoking, funny or moving. The only thing we won’t publish is work that has already been published, as we are a magazine of ‘new writing’. 

Sp: What are your upcoming deadlines for submissions?

WI: We don’t have traditional deadlines, any submissions received after the cut-off date for one issue go into the pile for the next. 

Sp: Do you have any new developments or events to promote?

WI: For latest developments, please become a friend on myspace or a fan on Facebook. We often have giveaways or other promotional opportunities that we promote through these. 

Sp: Any thing else you would like to add?

WI: Wet Ink was set up to publish mainly new and emerging authors and to make it easy for readers to access them. We are proud to have published many writers for the first time – often they have gone on to further publishing success. We strongly encourage new authors to submit their work, as we judge each piece solely on its merits. Before submitting, it is vital that authors check our submission guidelines and use the submission cover sheet – both are on our website (

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  1. lisa,

    I love Wet Ink! Kerrie didn’t mention their reviews, which are always interesting and considered. Definitely one of the reasons I keep reading.

  2. Meg,

    Hi Lisa,

    Can you give us a quote from a fave Wet Ink review?

    … (and we love Vignette Press, too!)

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