Format & Layout

Lynette is skilled at creating documents in Word and formatting your manuscript ready for submission to publishers. As a qualified copy editor and proofreader, she will work with you to edit and/or proofread your fiction project offering expert advice regarding English grammar and structure of sentences and paragraphs.

Children/Young Adult, General Fiction, Romance, Short Stories
Editing, Typing, Proofreading

PublishMyBook.Online is different to other self-publishing services. We are about human relationships not automation and yet we bring you the best of both worlds: project management, workflow and efficiency alongside creative ability, skill and knowledge.

This is so that you can have a high-quality book and ebook for an affordable price. Throughout the self-publishing journey you won’t feel like you’re alone because PublishMyBook.Online is with you every step of the way. You only have to take a look at the genuine, heartfelt feedback we have received to know we mean what we say and are people you can trust.

Digital/E-Publishing, Auto/Biography, Children/Young Adult, Crime, General Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Romance, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction, History, Education/Reference, Indigenous, Travel, International
1-2 business days
Editing, Proofreading, Manuscript Appraisal, Printing, Design/Illustration, Distribution, Ebook Creation, User Pays/Self-Publishing Services