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Best Legenz offers complete publishing services for first time and previously published independent authors.

Genre: Digital/E-Publishing, Crime, General Fiction, Romance, Short Stories
Listing Name: Strictly Literary
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If you’re a writer you create visions, dreams and experiences. We transform your knowledge, imagination, memories and experiences into digital products which can be shared, traded, sold, adapted, improved and ultimately re-purposed and curated for ongoing new audiences around the world. This means words, pictures, music, designs and games. Our services can help digitally package, present, distribute and sell your products to a global market.

Genre: Digital/E-Publishing, Auto/Biography, Children/Young Adult, Crime, General Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Romance, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction, History, Education/Reference, Indigenous, Travel, International
Commercial Services Offered: Editing, Proofreading, Mentoring, Printing, Distribution, Ebook Creation, User Pays/Self-Publishing Services