CC Publishing – Editing and Related Services for Self-Publishing Authors

CC Publishing

CC Publishing is an author services company that provides professional proofreading and other editing services to self-publishing authors and students. CC Publishing also offers publication, marketing and advertising solution tailored to the needs of individual authors.

Postal Address: 61 Yeramba Street, NSW, 2074
Street Address: 61 Yeramba Street, NSW, 2074
Primary Contact Name/Position: Christopher Cowan, Editor
Mobile: 0411 540527
Website: CC Publishing
Genre: Digital/E-Publishing, Children/Young Adult, Crime, General Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction, History
Preferred Contact Method: Email
Commercial Services Offered: Editing, Proofreading, Manuscript Appraisal, Distribution, Other
Commercial Services Offered – Other: Marketing and Advertising of published books.