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These intensive writing weeks are there to give you some space, to rack up some word count, as well as to create some new material from prompts.

Lesson 9 - Forums


As well as the below exercises you should be working intensively on your novel this fortnight! Brag about your word count on the Word Count Forum – which you will find a link to in the introduction page of this course.

red avatar 5EXERCISE: Visual Prompt

Look at the picture below.

Lesson 9 YON

  • Write a list of words and phrases that occur to you as you examine it.
  • Now, try to put one of the characters from your story into this scene. Write around 400 words.
  • Post your writing to the Lesson 9 Intensive Writing Forum for this week.
  • Come back and comment on the efforts of your follow writers (at least two).

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