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The Amplified Author: How to Create an Ebook


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Learn how ebooks, self-publishing, and digital media work in the new publishing industry. This course is presented by if:book Australia.


We understand that you may already know how to do certain tasks in the digital publishing chain and merely want to fill in the gaps in your knowledge. Perhaps you only want to know how to create an ebook, or how to upload to Amazon. Mini-courses are currently available separately. You can see a full listing of them on the right of the page.

Material covered in this mini-course

  • How to create your ebook
  • What you’ll need before you create an ebook
  • How to use Pressbooks

Some advantages of the Amplified Author online

  • You can access the content at anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • Learning is self-directed at your own rate and in your own environment
  • Cheaper than a physical workshop
  • Content is updated regularly

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This course is divided into two modules. Here’s a brief rundown of the topics you’ll cover:

 Module 1: What You Need Before You Format, Upload & Publish

This module will cover the legalities of ISBNs and how to get them, whether you need a cover designer, professional editing, and more.

 Module 2: Format Your Ebook File Using Pressbooks

Learn how to use the free Pressbooks website to create a professional-looking .epub, .MOBI, or .pdf file.

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Course Structure

The Amplified Author series is a collection of self-guided modules. You purchase the modules either individually or in a pack, and then work through them at your own pace. Once you have purchased a module you can access it at any time, meaning you are free to leave a course and come back to it later.

Course content is delivered in a series of audios, videos and written lessons.

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New to online learning and AWMonline? We’ve created a series of instructional videos that will take you through the process of enrolling in a course and navigating its content. The five videos in this playlist cover:

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Course Time and Cost

Starts: anytime

Price: $45

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Want to take part in this course?


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I am already enrolled in this course.




This course is a self-guided program and can be purchased at any time and completed by you at a pace you’re comfortable with.




Amplified Author

The full suite of Amplified Author lessons, for 20% less than purchasing each mini-course individually.



How Ebooks Work

Learn about the digital publishing landscape and whether it’s right for you. This mini-course includes the Why be Amplified, How Ebooks Work and The Ebook Ecosystem modules from the full Amplified Author course.

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Uploading to Amazon & Kobo

Learn how to take that final step to publication in these step-by-step videos. This includes the How To Upload Your Ebook To Amazon & Kobo module from the full Amplified Author course.

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