Hi, I’m Perry, the new AWM intern, and last week was my first ever Writing Race.

Writing Races are totally back with a bang for Season 2. Last night we welcomed special guest, fantasy author Kim Falconer, who gave us some great insights into how she plans her writing and how to get the best from your characters and settings. 

Fantasy author Kim Falconer gave us some great tips at last night's Writing Race.


Tip 1: Write scene breakdowns

I find scene summaries very helpful in large works but any short that’s ‘lost the plot’ can benefit too. Write a sentence or two for every scene or change in POV. Then you can see how to get things a move on…which characters need to get busy making trouble or blocking the way or finding a way out. 

I write scenes to find out what’s going to happen next and I also plan big story arcs, like what do I want to happen at the end of this book? Since I write mostly in trilogies, I need to have some idea, if for nothing else than telling my publisher. They like to know where you are going, even if you change halfway there…

Tip 2: Set a word count goal

Setting that word count goal is vital. I always write to a goal. It helps!

Tip 3: Use body language 

I like to show a lot of body language in my novels….you know, the things you do when you are lying or hiding something? I slip them in so unconsciously the reader knows something’s up.

Tip 4: Develop your setting

I think write what feels good to you and be ready to amp up or tone down depending on the editorial comments and direction. The story first though. Do what it takes to tell the story.

Kim’s new book will be released on September 1:

My new book is the 6th with Harper Voyager—Journey by Night—it’s the one I’ve been wanting to write all along but had to bring everything together in such a way so this story could be told. This story peaks in so many ways… basically two worlds, one a near future Earth on the brink of disaster, a post-apocalyptic hegemony and the other a magical hegemony. Very Arthur C Clarke in that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This story follows two women who hold the key to survival, but don’t know it….it’s very fulfilling to write these worlds.

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