Speaking earlier of promoting your book, sometimes there isn’t much you can do when the marketing team decides to promote you as something that you aren’t in order to sell books. This can backfire especially when your target audience will avoid the type of cover that your book ends up having. Whether you want to admit it or not we all judge books by their covers. Diane Shipley wrote about ‘chick-lit’ covers on The Guardian’s blog a while ago. For an example of this take Louise Erdrich’s new novel A Plague of Doves. It is a novel that intertwines different voices and spans generations of Native Americans on one reservation. Topics covered include lynchings, racism, spousal abuse, kidnapping and quite a few other dark topics. Don’t be put off though, it is a fantastic novel but not normally one I would pick up because this is the Australian cover –

   (hardly looks like a plague does it)

Even though the American cover is more appropriate –

Well, Bookninja has decided it was time to turn the tables. He ran a contest for the best made up cover of a previously published title. The results are hilarious (and an excellent exercise in marketing for beginners).

And if you are in serious need of a belly laugh visit  the World of Longmire to see the opposite. She has taken a bunch of existing covers of romance novels and written new titles. Enjoy.


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