This is something that we blogged about back in October and now the NY Times has written about the Japanese mobile phone novelists as well. It seems to be pretty big news at the moment and 5 of the Top 10 bestseller novels in Japan last year were orginally cellphone novels, with the Top 3 all being written by 1st time cellphone novelists.

There’s a real buzz around this format which is basically just an extension of blogs becoming books, and in a technology-focused country such as Japan it was probably inevitable that this kind of instant novel would evolve – whether those in more literary circles like it or not.

We then came across this great blog about it – complete with an English translation of a passage of text from one of the ‘novels’ – so you can see what all the fuss is about! Can’t say it has left us exactly gagging for more but you can see the appeal (I think) – although it may be a bit longer before it catches on in the rest of the world…

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