After his much publicised fall from grace, US author James Frey has been offered another chance at earning literary credibility with a book deal secured with Harper Collins, for new novel Bright Shiny Morning.

Frey’s debut book, the supposed memoir A Million Little Pieces was the top-selling non-fiction book in America in 2005 and Oprah Winfrey chose it for her book club – a move which virtually guarantees a book a place on the bestseller list. So when much of the book was exposed as fabrication, Frey was forced to publicly apologise (including a dressing down from Oprah on her show), was dropped by his agent and lost a lucrative book deal.

But it is testament to the strength of his writing that he has bounced back. As Simon Burnham who negotiated the new deal with Harper Collins told the New York Times, "What matters is this is a very, very good work of fiction, and it very much stands up on its own."

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