The 11th edition of The Australian Writer’s Marketplace is out now! Check out the fantastic foreword written for it by the wonderful Fleur McDonald, Australian bestselling author of Red Dust and Blue Skies:

Cover of the new edition of The Australian Writer's Marketplace book.

Writing is a solitary occupation. We sit at the desk, with only characters for company, and tap at the keyboard. The cast of our latest  project become friends and, for a time, that is all we need. Everything else fades into insignificance. What happens, when we  merge from the cocoon, manuscripts ready for publication? Who do we turn to?

The Australian Writer’s Marketplace, of course!

When I first came to the world of writing, I had no idea where to start. It was only through hard research that I began to understand   little of the industry. I foolishly thought that writing for me was enough – I didn’t need to talk to others, didn’t need anyone except my publishers. I was very wrong.

Luckily, I stumbled across The Australian Writer’s Marketplace and, I can tell you, it travelled many a  mile with me! It sat next to me in the ute while I was shifting stock, I poured over it each night before bed, and I had it beside me when I made my first pitch to an agent. It was like my map in a world that was completely unfamiliar, and is responsible for me  finding writers groups and like-minded people, as well as my publisher.

I quickly became aware of its power and have purchased one every edition since. I now proudly own five copies – and what is even more exciting is being able to point aspiring authors towards it!

One of the things I’ve learnt during the publication of my two books is that just because one publisher doesn’t want your manuscript today, doesn’t mean no one will want it tomorrow. As a writer, you need to keep this book handy, so when the rejection
letters come (which, unfortunately they will!) you can find the next publisher without having to spend too much time researching where to pitch next – with The Australian Writer’s Marketplace the information is all in the one place.

The dedicated team at Queensland Writers Centre spend many hours putting together this resource that not only includes almost every publisher in Australia, but also where to find agents, writing groups, magazine specs, advice on setting out your manuscript and many industry hints that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I think I was incredibly lucky to have this book as my ‘best friend’ and will continue to keep it close by as my writing career continues.

Thank you to all who have had a hand in compiling this book and to all who use it, I wish you the best of luck in your writing career – using The Australian Writer’s Marketplace will help you go far!

You can buy the new AWM through AWMonline, Queensland Writers Centre, or good bookstores.

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