Yesterday we mentioned Jeff Gomez and his great blog (and book) Print is Dead. Browsing through his site we came across a link to this excellent article that he wrote for the Charkinblog about the insights he learnt as a publishing industry insider going through the process of pushing a book through to publication.

It’s well worth a read (for writers and publishers!) – if only to understand the parallels he draws between a publisher trying to get published and a hot shot surgeon diagnosed with throat cancer! (Ok, it’s a reference to the movie The Doctor starring William Hurt, and he does go on to qualify that his experience wasn’t that bad!)  It does, however, help understand how publishers work and why they don’t necessarily understand that, for us aspiring authors, they hold the key to all our hopes and dreams in their hands!

Incidentally, Richard Charkin stepped down last week as CEO of Macmillan Books to take up a new position as an Executive Director with Bloomsbury – so, sadly, there’ll be no more updates on his blog – but browsing through the archive is definitely worth a look for some of his ‘reliably contrarian’ posts!

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