…Here are some things people sent me over email, that I didn’t actually receive until our connection to the net was re-established.

The link is through a comics writing site, but Robert McKee’s 10 Commandments for Writing apply to all styles, genres and types of writing. Yes, even yours. For example, at number two:

Thou shalt not make life easy for the protagonist. Nothing progresses in a story, except through conflict.

Seriously, everyone recommends McKee’s Story (his textbook on writing). It’s good.

Another thing I received this morning was this little tidbit about a new re-make of Sherlock Holmes, by master of the British lad caper, Guy Ritchie. (Actually, this was news back in June, but we missed it). Updates have Robert Downey Jr as Holmes, and suggest Guy Ritchie will focus on Holmes’ physical prowess (which is something he hasn’t exactly been known for in the past).

More book-related movie news: the release date for the new Harry Potter flick has been pushed back almost eight months. Fans are outraged.

And scientists (or possibly academics) have adjusted the CT scan, used medically to photograph internal organs, to use on delicate manuscripts. According to this article, they’re extremely excited about the potential deciphering and translation of a library preserved by the explosion of Mt Vesuvius. It’s the only surviving library of Western antiquity, and, archeologically-speaking, finally reading the fragile, charcoaled works will be quite the thrill.

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