Travel editor Eileen Rothwell discusses the role of the writer in the travel journalism industry, with tips to help you make the most of your travel and get your writing published.

As a currently working travel and features editor, I regularly receive volumes of travel article submissions, of which only a small percentage are suitable for publication. How and why is this so? …this whole writing for publication lark isn’t just about you – the writer – anymore. It never really was. Sure, you have a role to play, but what is that role, and how to best go about it?

Eileen’s top tips:
1. Research, research, research!
2. Find the right approach for your story.
3. Photos are a must, and should match the style of the publication(s) you are approaching.
4. Think in multiples – multiple ideas for the one place, multiple queries and rewrites, etc
5. Sponsorship can make all the difference

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