I am now a quiet fan of e-readers. I don’t own one, or foresee myself getting one in the next 3-5 years (maybe I should before they turn into this) just cause there isn’t any great choice in the Australian market yet. Anyway this great article from Kasia over at BookSquare once again highlights the discrepancies in e-book pricing.
With the GFC and all that biz, you’d think that publishers would want people to spend money on their books, not have consumers turn against them.
In other news, as someone who volunteered for an arts organisation to get experience and the kudos of having that organisation’s name on my resume, I found this really weird. When you get your foot in the door, you don’t take it out again and run away. (Maybe he got trapped in a Kindle?)

I guess when it comes to digital publishing and ‘the future of the book’ we all just need to take a leaf out of Dave Eggers’ book and ‘calm the f*** down’. People will still love reading and the written word. No need to get all crazy about it.
But if you do feel the need to get active and save the book personally, join in the fight to save Salt Publishing. The publisher was set up after Oxford University Press closed its poetry list 10 years ago. But now they no longer have funding to operate. So they need YOU! They started a viral campaign on Facebook (as well as this). Go and buy a book now!

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4 Responses to “Hoots Balloon!”

  1. Graham Storrs,

    I wanted to, they sounded really inetersting, but I can’t follow any of the links in this post.

  2. Meg,

    Oops, we’ll fix those links asap!

    Meanwhile, here’s the Salt link http://tinyurl.com/qmx9jc

  3. admin,

    Links fixed. Sorry bout that.

  4. Paul Squires,

    You could buy a book from SALT and put money in a publisher’s pocket, or you could buy a self-published book and put money in a writer’s pocket, up to you, I guess. How long before you start charging people for self-publishing courses? Sydney Writers Centre already are. Why tell people they can get all the info they need for free by going to Lulu or googling it when you could separate them from some cash for the same thing? P.S. Nice to see Writers Beware on your blogroll.

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