Following on from Faber Finds, James Brindle over at booktwo has taken the idea, tweaked it and made it a part of his attempt to bring publishing into the digital age. The project, Bookkake, is a print-on-demand publisher. It follows the usual rules of a POD – after you have ordered your book, it will be printed and shipped directly to you. Your very own novel made just for you. The first books on the shelf are all classics (be warned: they are all rather physical in nature) because there are no royalties that need to be paid (he is hoping to commission new work soon) . Brindle will give the books "individual covers with a unified design theme, [reset] the books in modern, digital-suited type and typography and commission new introductions to each one, from established writers". You can buy your very own copy online now or download it for free. Brindle says on his website, that "print-on-demand and direct sales mean that we cut out much of the warehousing, distribution, and discounting costs that are currently causing so much trouble in the trade".

This is such a great idea. Now if only somebody (any takers?) did that here…imagine all of the out-of-print Australian books that you could get your grubby little hands on…makes me drool just thinking about it.


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