It seems like every other day there is a new chapter to the Harry Potter/JK Rowling story… Today we can offer you 2:

1. JK Rowling has handwritten and hand drawn a very limited edition (7 copies!) spin off to the HP series. The Tales of Beedle the Bard (referenced at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly  Hallows) has been created as a special gift from JK Rowling to selected key people connected to the Harry Potter books. The remaining copy is being auctioned with all proceeds going to Rowling’s charity The Children’s Voice. The starting price is £30,000 (AUS$68,000) but you can expect it to go a lot higher than that.

2. Rowling and Warner Bros have launched a law suit against the creators of a forthcoming Potter Companion, based on the website, claiming a breach of copyright and trademark infringement. Rowling has apparently previously praised the site, but creating a companion in book form seems to be one step too far for her – she has often spoken of her own intention to create the definitive Encyclopaedic reference book for the series and to donate all the proceeds to charity. Publishers RDR Books and author Steve Vander Ark deny that they are trying to cash in on the HP name and are standing by their book – continuing with plans to launch in the US soon.

Read more on both these stories at the The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald.

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  1. Robin,

    Harry Potter is a welcome standard. The series is a memorial to the level of quality of hype, spin, crapola and drivel that the publishing industry grovels to be able to say “me too”.
    It’s an industry by the girls, for the girls. And it doesn’t half show!

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