Well, we’ve finally done it. The data for the tenth edition of The Australian Writer’s Marketplace has just gone to the printers. And not a moment too soon; if there had been one more listing we had to update, we probably would have given up and cried into our Weet-bix. Or beer, depending on the time of day.

It’s a tough job, really. Well, no, not tough. But it’s a little odd phoning up Animals Australia Australian Sporting Shooter one after the other. Or calling Australian Parenting, and then Australian Penthouse. And of course, your boss always looks over just as you’ve Googled Australian Hustler, trying to find their phone number…

But we’re done. Now it all goes to the typesetter, then we get copies to proof and send back again. There’s indexing, layout changes, inserting the advertising. Once, at the eleventh hour, we realised a listing had somehow been duplicated; deleting it meant every page after it changed. I think our poor typesetter nearly had a nervous breakdown that day. Finally, everything goes to the printers, gets bound up in a sexy cover, the AWM staff have a celebratory beer, and it’s all over for another couple of years.

We haven’t made too many changes to this edition, other than the usual updates to somewhere between 50-70% of listings. The cover’s a little different, and we’re mixing the New Zealand/International listings in with everything else (don’t worry, they’ll be indexed). Good news; there seem to be more paying magazine markets than ever. And our sexy new cover certainly is sexy. You saw it here first!




The Australian Writer’s Marketplace is Australia and New Zealand’s only guide to the writing industry. While providing submission and contact details for the print media and publishing industry.

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