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Welcome to Fundamentals of Creative Writing

Are you one of those people who scribbles ideas down on bus tickets, boarding passes and coffee shop serviettes but never seems to turn these notes into anything? Have you always thought about writing a book, a play, a blog, but don’t know where to begin? Do you want to learn more about the creative writing industry?

Fundamentals of Creative Writing aims to guide you through developing a sustainable writing practice. This course is all about teaching you the core skills necessary to begin your creative writing practice. You will learn the basics of narrative theory, and examine the different forms and mediums of writing available to you. You will also discover how the different writing and publishing industries in Australia function, and what opportunities are available to creative writers.


Fundamentals of Creative Writing is designed to inspire your writing and introduce you to the ideas, techniques, and industries that have grown around the simple act of telling a story.

This course forms part of a suite of introductory programs offered by the Australian Writers Marketplace. From this course, you can extend your technical knowledge and skills with Exploring Narrative, or you can get to know how the digital world is influencing book publishing in The Amplified Author. Future introductory courses will focus on skills specific to other forms and media.


  • How to develop sustainable, energising writing habits
  • How to gain motivation and confidence
  • How to establish a writing routine you can stick to
  • The elements of basic narrative
  • How to generate ideas
  • Different written forms and mediums
  • How different writing industries function in Australia
  • What opportunities are available to Australian writers
  • Things successful writers wished they’d known when they started out

If you need assistance navigating your online course, we’ve created a simple video guide, which you can view below:

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These forums are set aside exclusively for the use of participants in the Fundamentals of Creative Writing course.

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About the Australian Writers Marketplace

The Australian Writers Marketplace (AWM) is an arm of Queensland Writers Centre, dedicated to providing information and education to writers across the country.

The Australian Writer’s Marketplace listings directory features over 2,000 opportunities for writers, with submission and contact details for Magazines, Newspapers, Publishers, Literary Agents, Industry Organisations, and Literary Awards. Previously a print resource, AWM has moved entirely online with the intent of providing up-to-date, relevant information on resources for writers across Australia.


About Queensland Writers Centre

Queensland Writers Centre strives for more Australian writers to have sustainable careers and to be valued and enjoyed throughout the world.

Since foundation in 1990, QWC has remained an essential organisation for writers and Australian literature. We encourage connection and creativity through the art and business of writing. We celebrate the importance of books and stories. We help Australian writers to create their stories and readers to engage with them.

Our members are published authors, emerging writers, children’s authors and illustrators, journalists, editors, agents, publishers, poets, storytellers, playwrights, cultural producers, freelancers, teachers, academics and critics. We provide development and support to beginner writers through to established professionals in Australian writing and publishing.

QWC is a not-for-profit cultural enterprise with approximately 1800 members and is the publisher of The Australian Writer’s Marketplace – Australia’s leading resource of the writing and publishing industry. QWC also leads innovation in digital book culture. In 2010, we established if:book Australia, a think-tank to foster engagement by Australian writers, readers and publishers with digital futures.

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To contact the Australian Writer’s Marketplace email us at [email protected]