With the rise and rise of social media, is connecting with audiences online something that has become:

a) crucial,

b) fun, or

c) the ultimate time-vampire?

Competitions, coupons, tie-ins, shout-outs… Cross-platform promotional activities abound, as writers and publishers seek to enhance audience engagement. Of course, the best way to shake your moneymaker is simply to provide meaningful content in a relevant forum – but a book giveaway doesn’t hurt as a simple ‘follow me and win’ strategy for getting more eyeballs.

So, are Facebook’s recent moves to further tighten the guidelines for competitions:

a) unsurprising,

b) evil, or

c) an author/indie publishers worst administrative nightmare?

See Galley Cat for all the details. If you can parse the basic rules for your fellow authors, please leave your highly valued interpretations here in a comment, and enlighten us all!

Have a great weekend of writing, folks.


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