I love the interwebs, because people do stuff like this: create an extensive list of children’s authors in Australia with a guide to their blogs/websites. Handy dandy!

picture of Hinemoana Baker

Have you seen the new blog by 2009 Arts Queensland Poet-in-Residence Hinemoana Baker? Hinemoana has posted a poem, The Fossils, from her forthcoming collection. Make your day and spend a moment enjoying it.

Varuna has told us that the full information about the Publisher Fellowships is now up on their website.

The Marten Bequest Travelling scholarships are open. Here’s a pdf of the application form. See AWMonline for more details.

More reasons to love the tinterpants. Poison Doughnut calls it like it is on KFC’s trailor-trash neologisms.

Hey, I’m going to Tweet Camp – yeehah! Someone send me a care-package. Warm socks and chocolate, please.

Have a wonderful writing weekend. I will be running a stall with SF writer Trent Jamieson at my sons’ ‘Space’-themed school fete, handing out free pens and encouraging young writers – it’ll be a blast!

I’ll leave you on this inspiring note: "Myth is the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human manifestation." (Joseph Campbell in A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink).



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