Another week, another Friday afternoon, and once again we’ve got a handful of writing and publishing links to for you to ponder over your weekend.

Overland has adopted a new submission model that sees them move submissions from Overland subscribers to the front of the editorial queue. They may not be the first market to take this route, but there’s some interesting discussion occurring online about whether or not this may become the norm for all journals in years to come.

Sending a link to a website is the same thing as making a photocopy of the page, at least in terms of copyright. At least, this is the argument being made by Access Copyright, a Canadian service responsible for collecting funds when universities make copies of works for educational purposes. While many universities opted to drop out of the service as a result, a handful have signed on and agreed to the terms.

What’s in a name? For writers it seems there’s quite a bit, especially if publishers are worried about your previous sales record. American novelist Patricia O’Brien had five novels published under her own name, but it wasn’t until adopted a pseudonym that she could sell her sixth.

Following your favourite writers on social media? If so, there’s research suggesting that you may be in the minority, with various forms of social media ranking on the bottom end of the ways readers discover new books and the majority of romance readers, at least, declining to engage with their favourite authors on social media and the web.

    Enjoy your weekends, everyone!

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