It’s Friday and the weekend looms, so here’s a handful of tasty links to get you in the writing mood:

February 29th is the closing date for The Australian Society of Authors Children’s Picture Book Illustrators’ Initiative, which offers grant opportunities that assist emerging, developing, and established Children’s Book Illustrators in the creation of new picture books. Application details are available online.

Eliza Green’s interviews with four editing professionals makes for interesting reading, especially if you’re a writer who isn’t familiar with the editor’s side of the publishing process.

AWM Manager Meg Vann recently attended O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing in New York, a yearly conference that draws professionals and publishing companies engaging with new publishing technologies and business models. She’s posting notes from the conference over on if:book Australia, starting with the session Magic Eight Ball: questions about readers/audience/market we don’t yet have the tools to discover.

Finally, check out these images of Michael Cunningham’s bookshelf filled bathroom. They provoked plenty of spirited debate around the office, largely regarding the practicality of storing one’s books right next to the tub and the dangers of mold, but the book-lover in me still approves. What say you, Speakeasy readers? Is this the worlds best bathroom or not?

Enjoy your weekend of writing!

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