Positive new moves by indie publishers and public libraries help ‘introduce a new generation of writers to a new generation of readers’ – I love it when people take advantage of changes in the existing industry structure to forge innovative and meaningful new pathways!

But a bit of vitriol works sometimes, too:

"Too bad, so sad. You couldn’t get your shit together to let me GIVE YOU MY MONEY. Since you don’t want my money, I am going to pirate your work."

Check out Lost Book Sales for a weird and not-so-wonderful log of consumer frustration with DRM, territorial restrictions, and the other nasty gremlins that dare to come between a reader and their desired book.

There have been serious moves in Europe against the agency model (where publishers set the price and retailers take a commission). Police have raided publishers who are in potential breach of EU prohibitions against restrictive business practices.

"They burst in like cowboys" said Francis Esménard, the president of French publisher Albin Michel, even if "they were only going to find legal contracts".

Read a full discussion of the issues in The Guardian.

Have a great weekend of writing, folks!

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