We’re playing it fast and loose with the Fry Up this week, on account of the AWM team heading off to join our friends at it:Book Australia at BookCamp.

The EWF blog has a brilliant post on the pay-rates of many Australian fiction and non-fiction markets that deal with emerging writers. A great resources and well-worth checking out (and, contrary to the standard internet wisdom, it’s worth reading the comments too).

Tim Parks has a fascinating article on the relationship between money and writing in the New York Review of Books.

Diana Peterfreund on countering bad writing advice given to aspiring writers.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch on why Content is King and writers are lining up to get screwed.

Australian literary blogger Angela Meyer gets interviewed about blogging and social media at The Signal Express.

Matthew Turner highlights 5 Free Services That Help You Build Author Platform for janefriedman.com.

A man in Manila has created an informal public library by putting his book collection out on the street for anyone to peruse and borrow from.

Writer Unboxed on Rebuilding the Optimism.

Nextness compiles 25 Lesson for Creatives taken from Patti Smith’s Just Kids.

The Digital Reader on How Technology has Changed Stories.

It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s the links that caught our attention this week. How about you? Let us know about anything we missed in the comments.

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