In one of the more worrying pieces of industry news this week, California literary agent Pam van Hylckama Vlieg has been attacked by a disgruntled author whose manuscript was rejected. Obviously, this isn’t a tactic we recommend to aspiring authors.

Anna Spargoryan has a great post on Crowdfunding and What Happens When You Don’t Get Over the Line over on the Emerging Writers Festival Online Journal. With so much being made of successful crowdfunding efforts (or, these days, massively over-successful crowdfunding efforts), it’s great to see that there are still positives to be drawn from a project that doesn’t reach it’s funding goal.

Of course, as publishers, authors, and others  start embracing the crowd-funding model, how do you start managing the inevitable deluge of emails asking for support, re-tweets, and blog posts to get the message out? Robin Laws suggests some New Etiquette for Freelancers in the age of Kickstarter.

Joanna Penn discusses her recently adopted habit of editing on the kindle, with the switch in format allowing her to examine a familiar manuscript with new eyes.

Open Culture has a rare audio recording of O. Henry sharing the Secrets of Writing a Short Story.

Chuck Wendig offers some simple-but-brilliant advice on Building a Better Character (as usual when we link to Chuck’s advice, it comes with a warning that there will be a combination of irreverence and foul language in addition to some very smart thinking about writing).

And finally, Angela Slatter breaks the bad news to aspiring writers seeking an agent – There Is No Secret Handshake.

Those are the links that caught our attention this week – how about you? Let us know in the comments if there’s something you think we’ve missed, advice you found useful, or a post of your own that you’d like to share with the Speakeasy readership.

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