American journal The Indiana Review posts about Three Stories Unlikely to Make it Beyond the Slush. John Bermingham follows up with a few additional story ideas he’s sick of seeing, based on his experiences judging writing competitions. Together they make for a useful list of things to avoid (or, if you’re feeling brave, one of those challenges that revolves around convincing editor to love an idea they usually hate).

Brain Pickings has excepts from How to Read Like a Writer, in addition to a host of links to additional advice.

If you’ve ever felt a little down after completing a manuscript, you’re not alone. Fantasy author Ken Scholes offers up some advice on Combating the Post-Novel Blues. In a similar vein, Booklife offers up an entry on Dealing with Project Burn-Out.

Comic book writer Gail Simone posts some thoughts on the way computer games are disrupting the three-act structure.

The Digital Reader looks at Freemium Business Models and asks How Much is Too Much to Give Away?

Christopher Beha at the Millions On Making Sentences Do Something.

Writers Beware details 7 Freelance Writing Scams and How to Fight Them.

And finally, Lifehacker has some advice on creativity blocks and how to avoid them that could well be useful to those who aren’t writers in addition to those who are.

Those are the links that caught our attention this week – how about you? Share you favourite links, advice, and posts in the comments for your fellow writers.

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