Following the latest internet kerfuffle where a writer (or, in this case, a writer’s husband) has responded to negative reviews the oft-linked-to Justine Larbalestier has posted a telling essay on The Supposed Power of Reviews and why they keep driving authors to crazy behavior.

The other big review news on the internet came from the New York Times article about buying book reviews in bulk. The service in question was exposed, interestingly enough, when an unsatisfied customer started posting reviews, and immediately set off a storm of conversations and commentary (neatly summarized by Porter Anderson’s Extra Ether feature). Australian author Alan Baxter also weighs in, pointing out that Paid Reviews Hurt Everyone, Except Those Being Paid.

Writers Digest has 7 Rules for Picking the Names of Fictional Characters

Dean Wesley Smith suggests that books are not produce that will spoil over time in his article for Kirkus.

Kristen Lamb identifies the Top Five Creepy Social Media Marketing Tactics that authors seem to be using online, which offers some very strong advice on what not to do.

Hillary Smith (formerly known as The Intern) discusses Why Writing With a Book Deal is a Whole Different Game.

The publisher behind the Chicken Soup for the… line has branched out into a new market – selling chicken soup and other comfort food using the familiar branding of the book line.

Those are the links that caught our attention this week – how about you? Let us know about any interesting links, posts, or commentary in the comments.

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