We really like John Birmingham’s advice on How to Be a Freelancer, and not simply because he lists the Australian Writer’s Marketplace as an essential resource. Smart, useful advice for those wanting to work in the non-fiction side of things (with a bonus supplement for those wanting to be travel writers).

For fiction writers, Buzzfeed has 30 Indispensable Writing Tips From Famous Authors that’s as graphically interesting as it is useful (I defy you to read through that list without finding something you’ll want to use as a desktop background). If you’re in the mood for book recommendations instead, the online education database curates a great list of The Favourite Books of America’s Best Authors.

Hachette UK has attracted a lot of attention this week with their request that Hachette authors insist on DRM when publishing with other companies in non-UK territories. Commentary immediately spread across the internet, with it quickly becoming apparent that the only people who believed that DRM on books was working was Hachette UK themselves. Some interesting follow-up is available on Dear Author,  The Digital Reader, The Bookseller, The Barnes and Noble Bookclub Forums,  and Tech-Dirt. Commentary on the decision has also become part of Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s ongoing series of posts about author contracts and deal-breakers.

In more positive news, Osprey imprint Angry Robot has experimented with ebook/print book bundles at a local British bookstore and the results have been positive on both sides.

What’s it like working for a book packager producing a hit teen series? The Hairpin has an interview with Ryan Nerz, who worked as an editor and writer for the Sweet Valley High series, and reveals How Sweet Valley High Books Get Made.

Marketer Rob Eager argues that many publishers are leaving money on the table in his post, Publishers Make Poor Poker Players. Publishers, Eager argues, fold their marketing too early and ultimately fail to adequately answer they key consumer questions that would lead to a purchase.

On a more practical level, offers some advice on Building a Better Twitter Bio. I had my doubts before reading this article – how much optimizing can you do in 160 characters – but it seems the answer is “quite a bit” and there’s one more writing-task added to my to-do list this weekend.

And finally, something that’s just plain cool: Argentina offers pensions for aging writers. Over 80 scribes have been granted these pensions, which can scale up to a $900 stipend per month to supplement the writer’s retirement income.

That the news, advice, and discussions that caught our attention this week – how about you? If you’ve posted a great article, got some hot publishing news, or simply want to boost the signal of some great writing advice, we invite you to share it in our comments.

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