Writer Beware reports that literary agent scams are on the wane as many of their traditional targets choose to epublish or find other ways to get their writing out there. If the trend continues, it may be an unexpected benefit of the ebook boom.

Jane Friedman talks about talent over on Writer Unboxed, and names 5 things more important than talent to a writer’s career. There’s more great advice from Friedman in her Authornomics Interview, which runs through topics such as building your career and coping with rejection.

In a topic that’s sure to make many writers’ cringe, Agent Kristin blogs about the process of reading 68 Queries in 60 minutes. Kristin is blunt about her process in the blog, but I have to admit that I find the fact that nearly 1 in 7 queries were good enough that she requested a partial a fairly comfortable number.

Joanna Penn is a long-time advocate of indie publishing, which means the fact that she’s signed a deal with an agent is interesting news. She’s put together a  post explaining how and why she made the decision to hybridize her approach to publishing. For those looking for a more independent path, her post about the benefits of an Author Collective could make interesting reading.

Benjamin Percy put together a great essay on opening stories with dialogue for Glimmer Train Stories, and covers many of the reasons it doesn’t work (and the handful of times it does).

“Spoilers!” has become a familiar cry on the internet, and honestly it’s one that frustrates me. Fortunately there’s some intriguing studies on the psychology of the spoiler and whether it truly diminishes our capacity to enjoy a narrative.

Finally, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has put together a guide to Newsletter Protocol after some frustrating experiences with promotion-hungry authors. Useful reading for anyone at polite ways to build their newsletter readership.

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