Are books the ultimate ice-breakers? Bryan Basamanowicz argues yes in his article about the unique social bonds that can be formed as a result of shared affection for the same book.

Sarah W. Bartlett interviews Jane Friedman about Facebook Strategy for Authors, which prompted Friedman to put together a post linking to all her previous advice for authors using facebook.

Meanwhile, over in the Australian there’s a report that Researchers have mapped the Australian twitter-sphere, charting the most popular topics and themes that run through our twitter conversations. Not directly writing and publishing related, I’ll admit, but bound to be interesting to any writer whose looking to connect with an audience via social media. In other parts of the internet, Adam Croft offers up 5 Tips for Building Social Media Buzz for Your Book.

Agent Orange asks the question Do Editors Say No Because They Can No Longer Say yes over on and argues for the need that there be greater communication between editors, agents, and authors. With the rise of social media, Orange suggests, the rage and/or frustration that authors feel during a prolonged wait for a response can be given voice.

In a slightly more positive post, long-time publishing blogger The Intern offers up Five Signs You’re About To Land an Agent. has a great post about the need for authorial integrity, especially among indie and self-published writers, largely put together in response to some of the ‘professional’ advice being offered on the internet. This comes on the heels on some great discussions about professionalism and the burden of proof among indy publishers over on Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds (as always, link’s to Wendig’s blog come with a warning: he’s irreverent and foul-mouthed, but also very smart).

The Lit-Reactor site has a great article about the Six Tough Truths of Self-Publishing (that the advocates never talk about).

And finally, there’s a report in the US that owners of the Nook e-reader are seeing a very peculiar phenomenon regarding the use of the word “kindled” in some fiction. We’re up in the air about whether this is amusing or slightly disturbing – what are your thoughts?

Those are the links that caught our attention this week – how about you? Let us know anything we’ve missed in the comments.

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