We’re sneaking in late this week, but here’s our regularly scheduled fry-up of tasty links to whet your appetite for the writing week to come. We’re kicking off with an important one: How to Decide When to Work for Free by Penelope Trunk. It’s good advice, and something worth thinking about, but its always worth checking into the standard assumptions for your genre and style of writing.

It seems everyone is offering advice about freelance editors this time of year. Last week we linked to Writer Beware’s advice, but here’s More advice for hiring a freelance editor courtesy of fantasy author India Drummond.

Everyone’s noticed that publishing is in a state of flux at the moment – whether you’re interested in indie publishing or the future of traditional publishing, there’s little doubt that something is changing. With this in mind, Jane Friedman offers some thoughts oDistinguishing between Straight-Up Advice and Paradigm Shift.

Bad reviews happen; it’s a fact of the writing life. Beth Revis has a great post on How to Respond to Negative Reviews.

Those are the links that caught our attention at the AWM offices this week. As usual, we’re keen to hear your recommendations in the comments.

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