Tristan Bancks is running a BBWF 09 workshop You’ve got to be kidding! on writing novels for children. He has also co-authored a YA novel its yr life with former Home and Away co-star Tempany Deckhart. They teamed up between Australia and LA via email to write a suspense novel filled with links, web references and partly written in text-speak: interesting that the online collaboration method of writing is reflected in the composition and digital enrichment of the book itself.

The Write Around the Murray Festival offers events, workshops, school programs and more, reflecting the vibrant literary culture around Albury City and region.

Check out SavingAussieBooks – go for the lols, but stay for Darren Groth’s irrefutable ‘stache-tastic logic in The Magnum PI Arguwrite Against PI.

Today was the final day for submissions to Hachette Australia and QWC’s national manuscript development competition, with QWC receiving close to 200 submissions. To everyone who submitted, hearty congratulations for taking that big step and putting your manuscript out there… Give yourself a pat on the back, and enjoy a glass of your preferred celebratory beverage!

Have a happy writing weekend, all.

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  1. Sheryl Gwyther,

    Yes, great Guest Blogging and support from Darren. For more about the fight-back against Parallel Importation of Books, read the rest of the SAVING AUSSIE BOOKS blog – see link above. :)

  2. Meg,

    Thanks, Sheryl. The articles and briefing notes at Saving Aussie Books are a fantastic resource for anyone seeking to understand and take action re Parallel Importation of Books. Keep up the good work!

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